Are You Playing the Mega-Millions Lottery?

In case you haven’t heard, the Mega-Millions jackpot has topped $540M. Yes, you could win just over a half billion dollars (before taxes of course) for the low, low price of one dollar. So… Are you going to buy a ticket? If you’re not interested in paying for the privilege of playing the lottery, you […]

Discover Card Birthday Month Bonus

Editor’s Note: This offer expired and is no longer available. Check it out… Discover Card is running a promotion where they’ll double your cash back during your birth month. Unfortunately, the offer only applies to $500 in purchases, and it doesn’t apply to 5% bonus purchases, so it’s actually only worth $5 in bonus cash. […]

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Landlord

My job is requiring me to move to a new town. So, my wife and I are faced with what seems to recently be the newest typical American family dilemma. What should we do with the home that we bought almost four years ago? While it can be hard to figure out whether to buy […]

Be Aware of Exchange Rates When Traveling

As I sit here in the airport waiting for my flight, I wanted to share a tip for international travelers… A few weeks ago, I talked about the best credit cards for international travel. Today, I want to talk about currency exchange. For starters, I’ll just say that credit cards are a great way to […]

Eight Tips for Raising Money-Dumb Kids

Lots of articles try to convince you that raising money-smart kids is a good idea, but you know better. Who wants kids who limit their immediate gratification by putting money in a savings account? And every parent knows life is a lot better if you shut your screaming kid up by buying her everything she […]

Bank of America Turning Mortgage Holders into Renters

The latest news on the mortgage front is that Bank of America is testing a new program where they turn (former) homeowners into renters. Yes, really. It’s called the “Mortgage to Lease” program and it aims to convert those who are behind on their mortgages into leasees. When I first hear this news, I was […]

Double-Check Your Bills on a Regular Basis

Earlier this week, I received a “thank you” flyer from AT&T for signing up for their for roadside assistance program. The only problem with this is that I never signed up for it. Curious as to what I was going, I logged into their site to check my bill — and boy, am I glad […]

Roll With the Retirement Punches

We’re taught our retirement years will be a period of unalloyed pleasure, a placid, decades-long stretch seldom roiled by the kinds of concerns, worries, and sleepless nights we face all too often over the course of our work lives. In truth, the retirement years can be fraught with nervousness and fear. We may see our […]

How to Sell a Used Car

As I noted a week ago, we recently bought a new car. That meant it was time to sell our old car. In general terms, I avoid trade-ins because: (1) they make the deal significantly more complex, making it harder to get a good deal, and (2) you can generally get considerably more selling your […]

Get a $10 Amazon Gift Card for Just $5

Here’s a quick little deal for those of you that shop at Amazon… AmazonLocal is offering a $10 Amazon gift card for just $5. You can access this deal by clicking this link. There’s a limit of one per household. Note: This offer expires at 3AM Eastern on Wednesday morning, so if you’re reading this […]