How to Overcome Criticism Hangover and Make More Money

OK. I’ll admit it. “Criticism Hangover” is a word that I just made up – but I bet you know what it means. It’s that feeling that you used to get when you left the front door open and the cat ran out of the house. You felt like your parents would slice you up […]

Thoughts on Buying a Vacation Home

Over the years, we’ve toyed with the idea of owning a vacation home. When I was a kid, I always envied families with a lake house, and even as an adult I’ve been drawn to the idea. As time has worn on, however, we’ve cooled on the idea. It’s funny, but now that we’re in […]

Discover Bank Premium Savings Account Upgrade

In talking about our financial network map, I mentioned that we’re receiving 1.50% APY from Discover Bank. A reader named Alan asked about this, pointing out that Discover lists 1.35% APY on their website. Upon noticing this discrepancy a week or so ago, I was likewise confused. A bit of Googling, however, pointed to a […]

Staying on Track With Your 2010 Financial Goals

The year is flying by and in a few short months it’ll be 2011. Like many people, I set a number of financial goals for this year. I used to have a huge list of goals, which I inevitably didn’t meet. This year, I decided to keep it relatively simple and short. My goals were: […]

Credit Cards and Minimum Purchase Requirements

We’ve talked in the past about how the major credit card issuers don’t allow merchants to require a minimum transaction amount in order to accept a credit card (e.g., here and here). Well, guess what? That appears to be a thing of the past. As I previously reported, the recent financial reform legislation allows merchants […]

Mapping Out Our Financial Life

The other night I spent some time streamlining our banking system. I’ve more or less settled on three core online savings accounts: ING Direct, Ally Bank, and Discover Bank to go along with our local bank accounts. Why these three? As many of you know, I love the convenience of ING Direct. They’re so good […]

Link Roundup: Transmission Trouble Edition

Over the past week or so, my wife’s 2004 Odyssey has given her a blinking green “D” (drive) light on several occasions. After looking in the owner’s manual, we were a bit concerned because the blinking green light is a sign of transmission trouble. For those that are unaware, the 2nd generation (1999-2004) Honda Odyssey […]

Stop Learning and Start Earning

It’s time to stop learning and start earning. I’m not kidding. You really should stop studying and just get out there. Once I did, I became a lot more successful. I can best explain the true cost of learning when I tell you about launching my blog. Two years ago, I didn’t know what a […]

Mixed Banking News From the FDIC

This is for all you financial statistics junkies out there… According to the FDIC’s quarterly banking profile, more than one in ten US banks (829 out of 7830) are currently in trouble, and the number appears is climbing, with the number of banks on their “problem list” increased by 7% during the 2nd quarter. In […]

Hotel Alternatives: Save Money When Traveling

This is a guest post from Matthew Kepnes of Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site. If you like what you see here, please consider subscribing to his RSS feed. When we go on vacation, we book a hotel. We are sort of taught that’s where you stay. By instinct we book a hotel. We go online, shake […]