Borrowing From Big Banks – A Moral Issue?

*Me to group* “Hello everyone. My name is Matt and I’m a recovering big bank customer.” *Group replies in unison* “Hi Matt!” *Me to group* “I’m 33 years old, and have been borrowing from big banks ever since they courted me with offers of credit cards and free t-shirts on my University campus back in […]

Save Money by Questioning Your Purchases

Today I just wanted to highlight an excellent comment that I recently received. In response to “Quit Shopping, Save Money, ” a reader named ‘sekishin‘ said: “When considering a purchase, picture a stranger offering you [the cash value of the purchase] or the item in question. Which is of greater value you? Which would you […]

Buy vs. Rent: The Real Estate Dilemma

One goal that my husband and I have is to own a house. This hasn’t been a spur of the moment decision. We’ve been planning it for awhile, and have been working together toward our goal one step at time. The decision of whether or not to buy a condo, townhouse, or house can be […]

Investment Performance: CDs vs. Stocks

Last week I highlighted an article about the long-term performance of stocks vs. bonds. The upshot was that, while stocks hold a slight long-term edge, bonds can (and do) outperform stock over significant time periods. Today we’re turning our attention to certificates of deposit (CDs). CDs vs. Stocks Did you know that CD outperformed stocks* […]

Weekly Roundup – Broken Xbox Edition

Just about a week ago, our Xbox 360 crashed with an E74 error. The bad news is that this error code signals a “General Hardware Failure.” The good news is that it’s still under warranty. In fact, this problem is so common that Microsoft has extended the warranty to cover it for three years. Unfortunately, […]

Investment Advice: Ignore the Noise

While paging through the latest issues of Forbes and Money, I noticed something amusing… Both magazines were chock full of advice on how to navigate the current economy with your finances intact. No surprise there. What surprised me was that the two publications were offering completely opposite advice. Invest in bonds! For their part, Forbes […]

Testimony of a One Car Couple

Up until a few months ago, if someone would have asked my wife or me to get rid of one of our cars, we would’ve just snickered and responded, “Impossible!” But then it happened… I wrecked my car. A bit of background From the time we met in 2003 up until seven months ago, my […]

Size Matters: Tall People Make More Money

According to a recent study out of Australia that was published in The Economic Record, taller men earn more money than their shorter brethren. In fact, a two inch height difference corresponds to an average income difference of nearly $1000/year. The reason for the height effect remains unknown, but it’s been suggested that being tall […]

Best CD Rates (Updated!)

With online savings accounts interest rates falling lower by the minute, I decided to put together a list of the best certificate of deposit (CD) rates. Based upon my experiences and reader feedback, I’ve put together a list of the best / most popular cd rates (certificate of deposit rates) in my original post below. […]

Investment Performance: Stocks vs. Bonds

I just ran across an interesting article from back in March over at Barron’s. In it, they state that: One of the bedrocks of modern investing has been the surety that stocks outperform bonds over long periods. Stocks’ risk premium, or excess return over bonds, has become gospel for financial advisers, brokers and pension consultants, […]