Beer Prices on the Rise

Here’s a timely bit of financial news for all of you New Year’s revelers… Due to a shortage of hops and malted barley, beer prices are expected to increase substantially in the near future. According to a recent article in The Independent, hops prices have risen in the United States by as much as 600% […]

From the Archives (December 23rd – December 30th)

Here are some of my favorite FiveCentNickel (subscribe) posts from a year ago this past week: » Charities of Choice 2006, Part I: Modest Needs » Registering an LLC » Charities of Choice 2006, Part II: The American Red Cross » Charities of Choice 2006, Part III: Our Local Food Bank And here’s what was […]

Weekly Roundup – Still on Vacation Edition

This is just a quick note to tell you that we’re still on vacation — and no longer missing snow! We’re flying home on New Year’s Day, and life will (unfortunately) begin returning to normal shortly thereafter. Before we get to the roundup, I wanted to let you know that the good folks at WiseBread […]

Charities of Choice 2007

Every December, we sit down and sort out (and then make) our charitable contributions for the year. Because 2007 was so good to us, we’ve decided to not only increase our donation levels, but also to add another charity to our list. What follows is a list of the main causes that we’re supporting this […]

Social Security Taxes in 2008

Here’s a little nugget of information on the social security tax… In case you weren’t aware, every time you pay Social Security or Medicare taxes at your regular job (assuming you have one), your employer pays an equal amount on your behalf. But if you’re self-employed, you “get to” pay both shares yourself. And were […]

Using Credit Cards to Post Bail

Okay, this just makes me laugh… According to a blurb in the most recent issue of Bottom Line/Personal, many jails accept credit cards for posting bail. But wait, it gets better: “Cardholders can go home quickly – and may get reward points on their credit cards.” So if you’re looking for another way to make […]

Charitable Donations are Down This Year

Here’s some not-so-happy Christmas news for you… Apparently a number of charities have experienced noticeable declines in donations this year. This isn’t terribly surprising given the economic challenges that we’re currently facing, but it’s a bit of a double whammy, as more people than average are asking for help this year. So… Please consider spreading […]

Merry Christmas!

Just a quick note to wish you all a Merry Christmas! We’re opening gifts in the morning and jetting off to see family in the evening. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Money Monday: Tag Team Edition

For your Christmas Eve reading pleasure, I thought I’d pull together some interesting pairs of articles on various financial topics…

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Here are some of my favorite FiveCentNickel (subscribe) posts from a year ago this past week: » Become an Price Drop Ninja » Lessons from the Most Talked About Topics of 2006 » The Many Versions of Monopoly » Why do Credit Cards Expire? » Warning: Airline Miles Expiring And here’s what was going […]