Followup: Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card Conversions

Editor’s Note: This offer is no longer available. Just a quick followup on my earlier article about Citi Dividend Platinum Select cards being converted to Dividend World MasterCards. KMC of AdvancedPersonalFinance e-mailed me to share the following bit of information: “A friend’s wife is setting up a business and she’ll be taking credit cards. On […]

Save Money on Life Insurance by Paying Annually

Here’s a quick tip for saving money on your life insurance policy… Pay the premiums annually if at all possible. Most insurers give you the option of paying monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. But guess what? Paying more often than once per year typically costs more. While insurers typically don’t disclose the effective annual rate […]

Followup: Multiple Employers and the 415(c) Limit

Last week I asked for help with a somewhat complex tax situation. Here we are a week later, and fortunately I feel as if I have a better handle on the situation. For the finer details, it’s probably best to go back and read my original call for help and then come back here for […]

Are You a 0% Credit Card Daredevil?

Well, it looks like the 0% balance transfer game (see also my list of 0% balance transfer credit cards) has now officially hit the mainstream, as MSN/Money had a story about it last week. In the story, they describe 0% balance transfer ‘daredevils’ who use these transfers to borrow a ton of money and stick […]

From the Archives (May 20th – May 26th)

Here are some of my favorite FiveCentNickel (subscribe) posts from a year ago this week: » The Cost of a Failed House Deal » The Home Office Tax Deduction » More on the Home Office Tax Deduction And here’s what was going on two years ago: » Kids & Money: Setting an Allowance » Home […]

Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card Conversions?

Editor’s Note:  This offer expired and is no longer available. The other day I received an automated call from Citibank saying that they are planning on ‘upgrading’ my Citi Dividend Platinum Select card to a Dividend World MasterCard. They went on to say that, pursuant to a post card that they sent me sometime in […]

Weekly Roundup – 05/25/07

It’s been a busy week fraught with tax quandaries and boxes full of bricks. And now… Guess what? School’s out for summer ’round these parts as of today! In other words, we have a couple of ecstatic kids that are just days away from being bored out of their minds. Anyway, what follows is a […]

Carnivals – Week of 05/21/07

FiveCentNickel participated in two carnivals this week. Here they are along with links to my articles that were included in each. The Best of Me Symphony included “How I Dodged a Speeding Ticket.” Also included was “Allowance Insights” from The Carnival of Personal Finance included “The Importance of Buying Flood Insurance.”

Help Needed: Multiple Employers and the 415(c) Limit

I have a tax-related question that I’ve been having trouble getting answered, so I thought I’d throw it out here in hopes that someone can provide any insight… Besides, I’ve searched high and low and haven’t been able to find an answer online, so if we can get this sorted out here, it’ll be available […]

Net Worth vs. Net Investable Assets

If you regularly read personal finance weblogs, then you know that writing about one’s “net worth” is a fairly popular topic. While I understand the importance of metrics for tracking your progress, I have to admit that I’ve never been a big fan of net worth in its purest form… That is, how much money […]