Virtual Tax Help?

This is kind of interesting… If you don’t get enough personal finance in the real world, you can now get a reality check while playing in the virtual world known as Second Life. If you’re not familiar with Second Life, you’re not alone — I hadn’t heard of it myself until they did a story […]

One Year Ago This Week (March 11th – March 17th)

Here are some of my favorite FiveCentNickel (subscribe) posts from a year ago: » Help Us Find a Realtor » Real-World Gas Mileage for a Honda CR-V » IRA Contribution Limit Workaround » Dodging Taxes with a Lame Excuse And this is what was happening over at Raising4Boys (subscribe) over the same period: » Buying […]

Weekly Roundup – 03/16/07

Here’s a quick look at some of the articles that caught my eye over the past week…

Money Madness: Sweet Sixteen (Help Needed!)

Well, the Round of 32 is in the books, and the Sweet Sixteen has now been posted over at FreeMoneyFinance. Full results will follow, but first… I just noticed that I’m getting killed by NCN, in part because he’s been begging for votes over on his site. Anyway, I just thought I’d throw this out […]

How to Avoid ATM Fees

Here’s a quick tip on avoiding those pesky ATM fees… If you can’t get to an in-network ATM consider asking for cash back when you make a debit card purchase. Many stores allow you to do this, and banks generally treat it as part of the purchase, so it’s a fee-free way to get your […]

Erroneous Medical Bill Update

Just a quick note to say that my wife’s erroneous medical bill has been taken care of. After a couple months of wrangling, we just got an updated bill that has been reduced from $149.50 to $5.50. Interestingly, it was the insurance company that finally stepped in and sorted things out when the doctor’s office […]

How is Your FICO Credit Score Determined?

I wrote the other day about the relationship between delinquency rates and FICO credit scores, but I didn’t really touch on what all goes into determining your credit score. According to Fair Isaac (the company responsible for FICO scores), here’s a rundown of what goes into your credit score, and the relative importance of each […]

NCRC Sure Looks Like a Scam to Me

Not long after registering our LLC, we received a solicitation in the mail from an entity called National Companies Register Corporation (NCRC) asking us to make a payment of $587.00 within the next 14 days. In return, they promised to list our company information on their website at (you’ll have to copy/paste to check […]

Fender Bender Update

I noted last week that my wife got in a fender bender. It was totally not her fault — someone rear-ended our Honda Odyssey when she was out and about. Anyway, we decided to pursue the claim directly through the other driver’s insurance company (Grange). Shortly after the incident, my wife went to a local […]

Sweat Equity: Improving our Landscaping

We live on a fairly large (a bit over an acre), partially wooded lot. Out front there used to be a stand of pine trees that the former owners removed. In its place, they left a large pine straw bed with a nice water oak (Quercus nigra), and then they planted a ton of shrubs […]