links for 2007-03-26

Rentometer Check out how much you’re paying relative to everyone else (via Flexo). (tags: rent housing) Fidelity Investments Calculate how much you can contribute to your SEP-IRA (via Flexo). (tags: taxes calculator)

Thanks for Your Support (March 2007)

As I started doing last month, I thought I’d give a shout out to the sites that have referred the most visitors to FiveCentNickel over the past four weeks. Note that I’ve trimmed this down to just weblogs. What follows is a list of the top 10 weblog referrers over the past four weeks: 1. […]

Money Madness: Final Four Time!

The Elite Eight is now history, and the FreeMoneyFinance tournament has entered the Final Four. I’m pleased to report that FiveCentNickel and Raising4Boys both fared well in the last round, posting a 2-1 record with Raising4Boys beating FiveCentNickel for the single loss. Here are the full results: Ten Simple Ways to Cover Your Ass(ets) defeated […]

Weekly Roundup – 03/23/07

Here’s a quick look at some of the articles that caught my eye over the past week…

Stamp Price Increase (Again)

Update: Here we go again… Yet another stamp price increase. It’s that time of year again… Stamp prices are on the rise. This time, stamps will climb from $0.39 to $0.41 on May 14th. Along with the price hike, they’re also going to be introducing the so-called ‘forever’ stamp, which I first wrote about nearly […]

More Thoughts About Refinancing Our Mortgage

Yesterday I noted that we need to decide whether or not to refinance our mortgage, and I outlined our thought process. It’s not like we’re having any sort of mortgage problems, we really just want to ratchet down our rate. In short, we’ve been presented with an opportunity to do a no-cost refinance of our […]

How to Decide When to Refinance Your Mortgage

I just got an e-mail for our mortgage broker saying that rates have dropped a bit since we closed on our house about a year ago, and offering to refinance our mortgage (i.e., remortgage) with no cost to us. Here’s how it would work… The 30-year fixed par rate (i.e., the rate without paying points) […]

How I Dodged a Speeding Ticket

Yesterday morning I had a brush with the law. I was late for a meeting, and was driving like a bat out of hell when I crested a hill and crossed paths with a local deputy who was headed in the other direction. If you’ve ever looked in your rear-view mirror and seen the long […]

Money Madness: The Elite Eight

The Sweet Sixteen in is now in the books, and the Elite Eight has now been posted over at FreeMoneyFinance. I’m pleased to report than FiveCentNickel and Raising4Boys went a combined 3-0. Thanks to all who voted, especially those that helped tipped the scales in my epic battle with NCN. Here are our results in […]

My Favorite Reward Credit Card

Over the weekend, Henry from BinaryDollar asked me for a reward credit card recommendation. Without hesitation, I suggested that he check out the Citi Driver’s Edge Platinum Select MasterCard. This is our primary reward credit card, and Citi is running a great promo right now. This card normally give 3% cash back on “everyday” purchases […]