Howard Stern is Underpaid

I just ran across an article that talks about how much money Howard Stern makes from his gig with Sirius Satellite Radio… $93, 000 per hour! But do you want to know what’s really amazing? That’s just a tiny fraction of the $705, 000 that Oprah Winfrey will take home for an hour of work […]

The Least Safe Cars of 2006

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the least crashworthy cars of 2006 are: — Hyundai Elantra — Nissan Sentra — Kia Optima — Suzuki Forenza — Mazda6 — Toyota Corolla These cars, which sport an average base price of just $15, 323, received ratings of ‘poor’ for both side and rear impact tests. […]

Money Poll #2: Coupons

After a successful first week with the budgeting poll (results here), I’m pleased to announce Money Poll #2. This week’s topic is coupons. As before, I thought I’d say a few words about how we do things around here before jumping into the poll. In general terms, we don’t use coupons when we shop for […]

Five Tips for Fighting an Audit

In case you’re not able to avoid an audit by avoiding the red flags that I talked about earlier, CNN/Money has some tips for dealing with an audit once it happens. Choose your battles — Before you decide to fight back, make sure it’s worth it. Don’t delay — If you receive a notice form […]

Carnival of Personal Finance at MoneyBlogNetwork

The Carnival of Personal Finance is up at the MoneyBlogNetwork. Lots of good stuff this week, so go check it out.

Weekly Roundup – 02/24/06

It’s that time again… Here’s a look at what caught my eye over the past week on the MoneyBlogNetwork and beyond… Jim over at Blueprint has a great summary of how long you should plan on keeping various finance-related documents. Also, I thought y’all might be interested in a new site called Grill Maestro that […]

HSBC Direct Account Opening Bonus Received

A commenter on my post summarizing the HSBC account opening process mentioned that he got started about a week after we did, and that he had already received his $25 account opening bonus. Thus, I logged in and checked our account… Sure enough, the bonus was credited to our account shortly after I wrote that […]

Online Bank Contact and Routing Information

I often find myself digging around for custmer service contact information, ABA routing numbers, etc. for the various online savings banks, so I thought that I would try to consolidate that information here, in a single post. For starters, I’ve pulled together the information for Emigrant Direct, ING Direct ($25 account opening bonus) and HSBC […]

Five Red Flags That Might Trigger an IRS Audit

Just in the nick of time… Last night I ran across an article that details five supposed red flags for triggering an IRS audit. The truth is, the formula for identifying which returns to audit remains a mystery, so it’s hard to say what the most important factors really are. But it’s still worth a […]

Carnivals – Week of 02/20/06

Here’s a rundown of recent carnivals that FiveCentNickel has participated in, along with links to my posts that were included in each… The Carnival of Personal Finance, which is up at FreeMoneyFinance, features the first in a series of post on tax breaks not to miss. Also featured is a post that describes our allowance […]