Weekly Roundup – 12/30/05

Given all of the great personal finance stuff that’s being written these days, I thought I’d start publishing a list of the week’s best from some of my favorite sites. So here we go…

Free Money 2005

As many of you know, I get a kick out of finding ways of generating ‘free’ money. Thus, I thought it might be fun to tally up what I’ve been able to come up with over the past year. While I’m not great at keeping records when it comes to some of this stuff, what […]

Stamp Price Increase Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that stamp prices are going up on January 8th, 2006… So don’t go out and buy a boatload of stamps in the next week or so — that is, unless you want to go back out and buy a bunch of $0.02 stamps such that you can piece together the appropriate […]

Amazon Credits You

This looks like a great tool to use in conjunction with Amazon’s price drop policy… Drop by AmazonCreditsYou.com (see below), enter the details of your purchase, and let them do the hard work of monitoring the price on the item that you just bought. If it drops within the next thirty days, they’ll shoot you […]

Sam’s Club and a Bad Battery Deal

My son and I were recently in Sam’s Club to pick up some batteries when I noticed something interesting… The 32-pack of Energizer AA batteries was selling for $10.66, whereas the 48-pack was selling for $16.66. That’s right… The larger package was actually slightly more expensive (on a per battery basis) than was the smaller […]

Xbox 360 Costs $715 to Produce

As yet another followup to my previous entry on the cost of producing the Xbox 360, I just ran across a story that claims that Microsoft is actually spending ~$715 on each Xbox 360. It’s hard to say how reliable this information is, as it’s attributed to an Insider Scoop article that cites “a high […]

Cancelling John Hancock Term Life Insurance

This past fall we replaced our term life insurance policies with new policies from Lincoln Financial. Earlier in the year we had received a letter from John Hancock warning us that the credit card that they had on file for our automatic renewal had expired, and that they wouldn’t be able to renew our policies […]

The World’s Most Practical Five Year Old

Every year my parents give our kids a variety of Christmas gifts including money for their bank accounts, some clothes, and a toy of some sort. But this year they decided to forego the latter, and give the kids gift cards instead, such that they could pick out their own fun stuff. Out of curiosity, […]

Dreamhost Discount Code Revisited

I’ve written previously about my positive experiences hosting this site (and others) with Dreamhost’s “Crazy Domain Insane” plan. I’ve also posted a Dreamhost discount code (“SAVE77“) that allows you to save $77 on a year of hosting, bringing the rate down to just $3.53/month. Beyond providing you with tons of storage space (4800 MB) and […]

Clear Out Your Stuff & Get a Tax Break

There’s just a few days left before the end of the year. That makes it a perfect time to take one last look around to see if there’s anything in your house that you’d like to clear out. If there is, why not drop it off at Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or another worthy organization? […]