Opt Out of Pre-Approved Credit Offers

If you’re interested in opting out of so-called ‘firm’ (i.e., pre-approved) offers of credit or insurance products then hop on over to OptOutPrescreen.com and let them know. This web site is a joint venture by Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion, and it allows you to opt out from receiving firm offers for either a period […]

Cyber Monday – Who Knew?

Hmmm… Cyber Monday has come and gone and I somehow managed to miss it. In case you’re wondering, Cyber Monday is (apparently) the online equivalent of Black Friday — the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. What better time to sit down at your computer and shop than your first day back at work […]

Driver’s Edge Rebate Arrived

Our Citi Driver’s Edge reward check arrived this past weekend. In the end, we were able to cash in roughly $925 in rewards simply by faxing in a copy of the bill of sale from our new Honda CR-V. Not too bad for using our credit card as we otherwise would have. As it turns […]

Xbox 360 Being Sold at a Loss

Given all the recent Xbox hype, I thought that the following tidbit was pretty interesting… Microsoft apparently spends $552.27 to manufacture and test a ‘premium’ Xbox 360 (i.e., one with a hard drive), meaning that they lose a bit over $150 on each one that they sell (the MSRP is $399). Actually, they’re most likely […]

Money Moves for 2006, Part 5: Your Family

It’s time for our next installment of Money Magazine’s recommended money moves for 2006. Next up: six tips for making the most of your family finances…

On Dental Insurance, Appeals, and Pulling Teeth

At long last… I had my wisdom teeth out back in April and, at the time, Cigna (my dental insurer) refused to cover the extractions. While our dental insurance isn’t great, this was a major disappointment — the oral surgeon’s bill was close to $1300. Had the extractions been covered, our co-pay would have been […]

Money Moves for 2006, Part 4: Your Health

Another day, another installment of Money Magazine’s tips for financial success in 2006. Today’s topic is your health, and it comes complete with three tips designed to improve your bottom line, and to help make sure that you’re around to enjoy your savings…

My Employer’s Wellness Program

Two years ago my employer implemented a program in which they’d add a monthly wellness credit to your paycheck in return for filling out a health questionnaire during open enrollment. It wasn’t a lot of money ($10/month), but it certainly did add up, and it was well worth the fifteen minutes or so that it […]

Money Moves for 2006, Part 3: Your Job

It’s time for yet another installment of Money Magazine’s recommended money moves for 2006. Today it’s three tips related to your job…

Free 4 Month Trial of Amazon.com Prime

I’ve written in the past about how online shipping upgrades are a ripoff. Due to something that cropped up at work yesterday, however, I had to order a book from Amazon.com, and and I had to have it shipped to me overnight. What a bummer. $17 shipping on a $33 book! But when I selected […]