Halloween Safety Tips

Did you know that kids between the ages of 5 and 14 are four times more likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween night than on any other night? If you’ve got kids, then be sure to take a look at this quick list of five Halloween safety tips and put […]

Halloween Treat Ideas (or Not)

In honor of Halloween, MSN/Money has some suggestions for frugal, healthy Halloween treats. If you ask me, you can’t go wrong with chocolate (and lots of it), but not everyone is on board with the whole junk food thing. Be forewarned… Most of these suggestions actually suck pretty badly, and would leave me disappointed if […]

How Not to Win the Lottery

This one comes from the ‘what goes around comes around’ files… An Oregon woman who allegedly used a stolen credit card to buy a lottery ticket that turned out to be worth $1M will wind up with nothing if she’s convicted. Apparently she lifted the credit card from her mother-in-law, who died over a year […]

What’s Your Blog Worth?

I just ran across a fun little tool for estimating the value of your blog. This calculator uses: (1) the dollar-to-link ratio of the AOL-Weblogs, Inc. deal, and (2) the number of incoming links that your site has (according to Technorati). Despite being wildly inaccurate, it’s kind of fun to play around with. Now I […]

Opening an Emigrant Direct Savings Account, Part II

The other day I noted that we’re in the process of opening an Emigrant Direct savings account. Just two days after applying, the small deposits (and withdrawals) have now been made, and I’ve logged in and verified the amounts. Next up… Emigrant will pull the initial deposit from our linked account and then mail us […]

Improved Security for Online Banking

Acccording to recent reports, the feds will require bank web sites to strengthen their security precautions for internet customers. To this end, bank web sites are expected adopt some sort of “two-factor” authentication scheme by the end of 2006. In other words, customers will soon have to verify their identity using both a password (or […]

Bernanke Tabbed as Greenspan’s Replacement

President Bush has nominated Ben Bernanke to replace the venerable Alan Greenspan as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. According to Bernanke, his main priority will be to “maintain continuity with the policies and policy strategies established during the Greenspan years.” That being said, Bernanke favors adopting formal inflation goals to help guide interest-rate policies, […]

Opening an Emigrant Direct Savings Account

Well, I finally got around to opening a savings account at Emigrant Direct. I’ve been keeping an eye on interest rates in general, and have finally decided that it’s time to stop settling for what ING Direct is offering and to move on to greener pastures — as of this writing, Emigrant Direct offers a […]

Big Box Mart

The folks over at JibJab.com are back at it with their ‘Big Box Mart’ video. Very amusing (and kind of depressing at the same time). Either hop on over to their main page, or check it out via the direct link here. Note that there’s a short ad before the video starts rolling, but it’s […]

BellSouth’s Sneaky DSL Price Drop

Last month a friend told me about an e-mail that he received from BellSouth regarding his FastAccess DSL service. They had written to offer him a ‘free’ upgrade from DSL Ultra @ 1.5 MBPS to DSL Extreme @ 3 MBPS. Alternatively, he could stick with DSL Ultra and get a $10/month price break. As a […]