Why I Love My Amex Delta Platinum Card

I’ve sung the praises of my Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Card airline rewards card in the past, but today I woke up to an e-mail that made me fall in love with it all over again. As I noted in my post about credit card rental car insurance, I’ll be traveling later this week. Well, guess what?

Amex Delta Platinum Free Upgrade

That’s right… I just got upgraded to first class for a cross-country flight. Woohoo! While I fly a reasonable amount over the course of a year, it was never quite enough for me to qualify for free upgrades like this.

This is a huge deal for me, as I’m tall, and I don’t fit very well in economy seats. Thus, I’ve always suffered through long flights. While my flyer status is now high enough to give me access to those exit row seats that they’ve long since blocked off for frequent flyers, nothing quite compares to sitting in first class.

Yes, I’m paying $150/year for this card, but the complimentary companion certificate (redeemed earlier this year for a $385 ticket), the MQM miles, and the resulting access to first class upgrades make this fee a worthwhile expenditure.

The regular miles that I earn are just icing on the cake, and I’m often able to redeem them for something close to $0.02/mile, which is roughly equivalent to earning 2% in the form of cash back rewards.

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m thinking about upgrading – I have a trip to France next year – does platinum cover the foreign transaction fees? Can the companion be used for foreign flights? Thanks, Michele

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