Weekly Roundup – Totally Unplugged Edition

I’m writing this in the back of an airport limo in the midst of a business trip. This past week I figured out how to “tether” my Treo 755p to my MacBook Pro, and so now I can get free internet access anywhere I can pick up a Sprint cell tower. Ah, the wonders of modern technology. And since I have an unlimited data plan, I don’t have to pay through the nose…

Speaking of modern technology and paying through the nose, JLP is looking to spend upwards of $5k on a new TV.

NCN talked about options for saving for college.

JD talked about why market volatility is a good thing.

Jim talked about calculating tax-equivalent yield, which goes nicely with my article on tax efficient investing.

Flexo talked about how to handle old credit card accounts.

MBH talked about separate vs. joint bank accounts. My wife and I have had joint finances for probably 12 years, dating back to before we got married.

FMF asks if it’s worth it for both spouses to work.

SVB listed the 10 cheapest ways to exercise.

LazyMan quit his job, and shared some thoughts from his first day as a truly lazy man.

On a related note, Ben talked about losing your job and finding happiness.

Jeremy talked about using the correct benchmarks to measure investment performance.

4M is the sort of guy that leaves the plastic wrappers on his lamp shades.

Finally, Sun put together a nice roundup of current interest rate offerings at various banks.

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