Weekly Roundup – Soccer Madness Edition

This fall, my wife and I are coaching three soccer teams between us. I’m coaching our oldest son’s U10 team, and my wife is coaching Sons #2 and #3 in U8 and U6. Fortunately, Son #4 isn’t yet old enough to play so we still has a tiny bit of sanity left.

On Saturday mornings, my wife has back-to-back practices at 9AM and 10AM, and then I have practice at 11AM, so… I’m going to do my best to crank out this weekly roundup before I have to leave…

JD related his experiences firing someone this past week.

NoCreditNeeded is running on poll on whether or not you have a credit card. Interestingly, despite his monker, the majority of his readers use credit.

JLP answered an investing question from a reader.

MBH shared a different kind of money tip: don’t sit on your wallet.

Flexo talked about increasing ATM fees and how to avoid them. David also talked about ATM fee increases.

FMF talked about strategies for maxing out your credit card rewards.

Jim talked about prepaid credit cards.

Jeremy tried to make sense of recent market volatility.

4M talked about low-paying careers.

SVB had a guest post on savings tips for a new baby.

Ben is likewise focused on budgeting for a baby.

Lazy Man talked about retirement savings goals, which was a followup to an article by Boston Gal on the retirement savings tipping point.

Sun reported on his progress toward financial simplification.

Clever Dude got out of credit card debt earlier than expected. Congratulations! That must be a great feeling.

Dumb Little Man highlighted ten ways to be sure your resume gets trashed.

My Retirement Blog had some sound advice: hold your tax inefficient mutual funds in a tax-advantaged account.

FInally, over at Raising4Boys, I’ve been talking about how to build a double desk on the (relative) cheap (see also Part 2). The grand finale, complete with pictures, is coming next week.

That’s it… Time for soccer practice!

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