Weekly Roundup – 07/21/06

Here’s a quick rundown of the personal finance-related articles that caught my eye this week…

First off, Jim got ripped off by a guy named Carl D. Grossman — this kinda makes makes my eBay problems look like small potatoes. Jim also has some advice if you’re looking to get a Harley on the cheap… Hang out with his uncle.

Flexo’s trying to help people get off of BlogSpot.

FMF has some tips on getting kids to save money. It’s definitely worth checking out — in fact, it’s pretty similar to our allowance system.

MBH wants you to check out his very best money saving tip. This is actually part of NCN’s ‘Best Money Saving Tip’ project.

JLP is on vacation this week, but his site has continued ticking along thanks to Ricemutt, who wants to know your method for deciding when to sell a stock.

Cap wonders aloud about whether or not a AAA membership is crap. I’m personally leaning toward ‘crap’ on this one… MapQuest and, more recently, Google maps have marginalized their trip planning, and the discounts aren’t (usually) all that great.

Jeffrey has an interesting post on how car insurance rates are determined.

Finally, Claire has an interesting money saving tip… Procrastinate!

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