Weekly Roundup – 05/25/07

It’s been a busy week fraught with tax quandaries and boxes full of bricks. And now… Guess what? School’s out for summer ’round these parts as of today! In other words, we have a couple of ecstatic kids that are just days away from being bored out of their minds. Anyway, what follows is a quick look at some of the most interesting articles that I ran across over the past week. Enjoy!

FMF put together a list of companies that he loves so much that he evangelizes them to anyone that will listed. I have to agree with him on Vanguard and Hampton Inn, and I’d add to that Honda, Apple, and Nikon.

Jim is trying out Zecco and reporting on his experiences.

JLP figured how high gas prices have to go before buying a more efficient new car makes sense.

Flexo talks about how to calculate your net worth. This has been a popular topic recently. Here’s my take on net worth calculations.

MBH asks what’s wrong with pre-viewed DVDs? As far as I’m concerned, nothing at all. In fact, all of the DVDs that we watch are used, coutresy of Blockbuster Total Access.

Jeremy has five easy ways to save money on gas.

BinaryDollar has a money tip for college students: sell your plasma.

Sun reports that AmEx will soon let you pay your mortgage with your credit card.

LazyMan is a slumlord with tenant troubles, but… He’s learning that karma’s not always a bitch.

SVB provides a breakdown of the subprime lending mess.

Ben has a list of life insurance questions and answers.

4M thinks there should be a qualifying test for having a credit card. Kinda like the need for a parenting license, I guess.

JD talks about the fine line between frugal and cheap.

And finally, Nick over at Punny Money wants to know how far you’d go for $50 million.

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