Weekend Roundup – Palm Centro Edition

This past week I took the plunge and bought a Palm Centro smartphone to replace my nearly new Treo 755p. And no, I didn’t get the pink one… I got the black one.

As much as I loved the 755p, I’m an even bigger fan of the Centro. They’re pretty much comparable in terms of features, but the Centro is substantially smaller, making it even more “pocketable.” So now it’s off to eBay — I’m selling the Treo to help offset the cost of the Centro.

And now, some personal finance articles for your reading pleasure…

In case you haven’t noticed, the stock marketing has taken a beating so far in 2008. Never on to be afraid of the numbers, JLP digs into the data and shows us that, historically, there’s a 50/50 chance that the market will end up positive (or negative) for the year given the start we’ve had thus far. So you tell me… Is the glass half full or half empty?

Frugal Dad says that buying in bulk isn’t always cheaper. I’ve noticed the same thing myself in the past.

Philip at WiseBread has an interesting perspective on inflation.

RocketFinance talks about coupled finances. This is a topic that finances me, because my wife and I have always had joint finances, dating back to before we were married. It works great for us, but apparently others are strong believers in maintaining separate finances.

Flexo talked about poor investment timing in the context of hi charitable gift fund. This is particularly interesting to me, as I wasn’t familiar with charitable gift funds before he first talked about it.

Finally, CleverDude pointed out a great deal on Turbo Tax just in time for tax season.

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