Weekend Roundup – Labor Day Edition

I’m not sure about you, but we had a great Labor Day weekend. We went to a college football game, had breakfast out as a family, spent an afternoon at the pool, and got a bunch of errands out of the way. And now… It’s time for a roundup.

FMF asked about the ethics of sneaking snacks into the movie theater.

Lazy Man listed some tips for saving money at restaurants.

JD put together a list of every job he’s ever had. It’s an interesting read, and one that got me thinking about all the crappy jobs I’ve ever had.

Credit Addict making money with 0% balance transfers.

Jeremy looked at who pays more taxes, the rich or the poor?

MBH talked about the importance of saving money when you’re young.

Wise Bread put together a simple guide for re-gifting.

Finally, SVB detailed a simple system for keeping your finances in order.

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