Thanks for Your Support (July 2007)

I just wanted to give a shout out to the sites that have referred the most visitors to FiveCentNickel over the past four weeks. Note that I’ve trimmed this down to just weblogs. What follows is a list of the top 10 weblog referrers over the past four weeks:

1. The Consumerist
2. The Simple Dollar
3. FreeMoneyFinance
4. AllFinancialMatters
5. Blueprint for Financial Prosperity
6. NoCreditNeeded
7. MyMoneyBlog
8. ConsumerismCommentary
9. MightyBargainHunter
10. Raising4Boys

Honorable mentions go to:

Stop Buying Crap
Binary Dollar

Thanks to everyone for their support! And if you didn’t make the list, there’s still hope… My goal is to do this (roughly) once a month, and referrer #10 (our very own Raising4Boys) sent ~100 visitors this way over the past four weeks, so… That’s about where you need to be to make it onto the list next time. Maybe add a bit for growth just to be on the safe side… 😉

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