Tax Stimulus Rebate Payment Schedule

Update: They’ve decided to start making payments early.

Yesterday I noted that I had received the official notification letter related to the tax stimulus rebate checks. In that letter, the IRS noted that they would start sending checks in May. The IRS has, however, since come out with official guidance on when you can expect your rebate, as well as how to get it sooner.

As it turns out, there are actually two different schedules… One for those using direct deposit, and another for those who will be receiving a paper check. Both schedules are based on the last two digits of your social security number, though the direct deposit schedule gets the money in your hands up to six weeks sooner.

Here is when they will start sending rebates to those for whom they have direct deposit information:

Last two digits of SSN:
00 through 20 = May 2
21 through 75 = May 9
76 through 99 = May 16

And here is when they will start mailing checks to everyone else:

Last two digits of SSN:
00 through 09 = May 16
10 through 18 = May 23
19 through 25 = May 30
26 through 38 = June 6
39 through 51 = June 13
52 through 63 = June 20
64 through 75 = June 27
76 through 87 = July 4
88 through 99 = July 11

So how can you be sure they have your direct deposit information? Simple. Just fill out the appropriate information on your tax return. If you’ll be filing a Form 1040, this should be line 74 (a-d).

Also note that if you file your tax return late (i.e., after April 15th) then your stimulus payment will be delayed. Moreover, you must file a return by October 15th in order to qualify for the rebate (this is the drop-dead date for 2007 tax returns).

42 Responses to “Tax Stimulus Rebate Payment Schedule”

  1. Anonymous

    If she made more than $3000 for 2007 she will qualify for the rebate. As long as she filed taxes for 2007. Also if she claims the children as dependants she will get an extra $300 per child.

  2. Anonymous

    just wondering with a daughter who has 4 children and gets limited child support from one dad and receives assistance is she entitled to any stimulus payment? As of yet she has not filed a return

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t always agree with the whole take away all year long but we do get some of it back at the beginning of the following year, I look forward to it. I’s kind of nice to know that there’s a break coming. We all have our reasons to why we need a little extra cash why not smile about it.

  4. Anonymous

    The IRS has to have your account info to do a direct deposit. Many people now use Turbo Tax and other online forms of filing. If when filing you selected direct deposit but had them deduct the fees (if any) from your tax return itself they used a third party bank setup. This third party bank gave you a loan for the fees. In return the third party bank received your tax refund, took out their fee and then deposited the remaining balance to your account. If this is the case you will be getting your tax rebate in the mail. Simply because the IRS never had your direct deposit info, the third party bank was who the IRS direct deposited the funds to then they put it into your account.

  5. Anonymous


  6. Anonymous

    Today is May 6th the last two digits of my SS# are 14 and I’m still waiting. I bet if I owed the Government $1200 the feds would be knocking on my door.

  7. Anonymous

    My son received his direct deposit May 2
    his two digits are 57 mine are 37 I have
    not received my and we use the same type
    direct deposit card why is that?

  8. Anonymous

    i think it sucks that we half to clam it next year its like thier giveing us are money but they want it back next year

  9. Anonymous

    i like that thier doing something but they should of used the money to buy oil for us and get are gas prices cheaper that would help people out too

  10. Anonymous

    Everyone would like to have a few extra dollars, but this is borrowing from peter to pay paul. George W. Bush, nothing short of a retarded rodeo clown.

  11. Anonymous

    thank you for letting us know. i’ve been to several different web sites. and they have done nothing but beat around the BUSH. So thank you

  12. Anonymous

    i can’t believe some people are tapping their foot at their mail box waiting for their check. i’m not rich, but this ‘rebate’ just isn’t that big of a deal. if i really need 300-600 dollars that badly, i’ll go out and make it delivering newspapers. it’s so strange to live in a country that values ‘bootsraps’ and yet at the same time goes gaga over republican-endorsed welfare.

  13. Nickel

    Kristi: You’re getting a boatload of free money. I’d hardly call that a crock of crap. Just sit tight. If you qualify, it’ll come. Besides, many banks don’t post transactions until after the close of business.

  14. Anonymous

    So here it is May second I was in the first group that was “supposed” to be getting their rebate today through direct deposit…did I??? NOPE…do I qualify for a reabate YUP…all 1800.00 of it…..what a crock of crap…

  15. Anonymous

    you probaly been asked enough we got a debit card from hr block wouldn’t that be direct deposit since we never received a paper check

  16. Anonymous

    Did the genious who thought this 1 up even stop to think how far gone this well hid recession is…anddd how much more spending will be done on anything other than necessities? lol At this point debt seems to be the only choice we have after all if u have the money to shop etc then your likely to be the few that dont need it! I think the priorities cant be splurging for a longggg time to come so how did they stimulate??? WHAT A JOKE!!! Bush yet the laughing stock agn… Now who can fix such a mess or would want to even try? my prayers goes out to the next 1 in office an due to this i refuse to vote on empty promises no matter how innocent they are.

  17. Anonymous

    How ludicrous to think this will do anything for the “economy” thats this far abused due to 3rd world countries etc…It makes my blood boil thinkin how we have a disasterous country now of our own that inevitably will get worse an yet the american people still have to suffer thru the mishandling of “OUR” tax dollars an all around me including me is people hurting financially thru loss of jobs etc etc an we cant seem to clean our own backyard up 1st! WHAT A FLUKE!!! i’ll take this 600.00 an laugh all the way to the bank an still have to cry for the future!!! :..(

  18. Anonymous

    Hi, my hubby an i filed married jointly…so if i had no income last yr. and we filed just his…what amount would we qualify for? these sites i have researched have me all confused!

  19. Anonymous

    my bank just sent me an email saying that 1200 was going in on fri~ so even tho we are 06 we still were not in the first batch!

    thankful to have it tho!

  20. Anonymous

    what if you had your tax return deposited onto a card from say jackson hewit or H&R and you no longer have the card will i recieve my money in a paper check

  21. Anonymous

    well today is day three for us and we still are without our rebate. we qualify, but im wondering if all the people that got theirs are single filers? i dont know anyone who got one that isnt a single filer?

    any input here? im getting frustrated!

  22. Anonymous

    i agree that taxes should be eliminated just because they take it away and then give em out later. but im happy im getting this money because i just got married n im a stay at home wife and some extra cash wont hurt at all. especially when we have our vacation in july. i hope i get it in time.

  23. Anonymous

    My son and I are in the first group and we have nothing yet, but have 3 days to get it.Thursday no one gets one and the second group gets their’s starting Friday. Direct Deposit happens to your account only. H&R of whoever had to deposit into your own account for you to get direct deposit. Debit cards are not direct deposit.

  24. Anonymous

    As I was looking at the information above and at other websites, I found one of the calculator’s and proceeded to see what I would get back. I answered the first 3 question and the next page informed me that I wasn’t elagible to get any money back. Why you might ask? Because I am clamied as a dependant on my parents taxes. Therefore I get nothing back. It is hard enough for a college student to keep any type of money and one main factor is because of gas prices. I also have other bills that I am responsible for and have to pay that my parent’s don’t pay. I travel round trip 1 hour and 30 minutes twice a week. My car sucks the gas. It isn’t my fault that I can’t afford to live on my own and not depend on my parents. I filed my own taxes and worked last year but still I’m not one of the people considered to get a rebate because I am claimed by my parents. It is a messed up world and society.

  25. Anonymous

    We filed RAL through H & R Block…does anyone no if this is considered Direct Deposit or Check…H & R Block took all our bank info but we received our refund in a check form in 2 days.

  26. Anonymous

    This is an accident waiting to happen. Even though this stimulus will provide a short-term “boost” on the economy, we will have just that much less cash on next year’s tax refund. This is a rebate on next year’s refund. What the hell was Bush thinking?!

  27. Anonymous

    And it was a good thing the Government spent $42 million to mail out these official notices that we will be getting our checks in the near future.

  28. Anonymous

    You can use this schedule to your advantage. Try to time any sales you are planning on ebay, craigslist, or elsewhere with the arrival of the checks. That way, you will get the maximum for your items, or at least maximize the number of people who will be feeling flush.

    I am already planning to begin listing my motorcycle the week before checks start arriving. This bike has been sitting in my basement for 4 years…

    Oh, and I am also using this opportunity to remind a couple friends of mine that owe me money that they should consider making a “payment” with it.

  29. Anonymous

    Oh, good to know! I have to pay taxes, so I wouldn’t have filled out the direct deposit … but filling it out will save me almost two months on my check — which I’d like to have prior to a June vacation if I have the option. Thanks!

  30. Anonymous

    @zachary: yeah, economists all agree that this will do absolutely nothing to stimulate the economy – this is a vote-buying measure, and a handout.

    I really wish it was being reported as such (not complaining about 5 cent nickel here). I would just love to see it reported as a “Federal Government Vote-Buying Handout,” because that’s precisely what it is. If it was a rebate, only those who paid in would be getting it. If you don’t understand that, just try to go get a rebate on an item that you didn’t purchase – you can’t do it!

    Also, the notion that the government can stimulate the economy with debt is nothing short of laughable.

    Finally, let’s ignore, for a moment, the fact that this is 100% financed with debt, and let’s consider another question: the premise is that getting cash into the hands of the people is a good thing – and I think we all agree with that premise. Since this is a good thing, why not simply CUT OUR TAXES instead of taxing us and giving it back as a handout??

    As for me, this handout will go to savings or debt reduction. How’s that for stimulus?!

    PS – thanks for posting the schedule.

  31. Anonymous

    Woohoo. Even though I think this is an economic disaster, I’ll still use the cash.

    Probably won’t spend (Sorry Nickel, but the logic that spending on something that ~50% of the price is going overseas doesn’t seem like a very good “stimulus.”