Save Gas With a Tune Up

This is a guest post from Andy Hough of Bank Bonuses.

With the recent rise in gas prices there have been many blog posts about ways to save on gas. I decided to test how well one of these tips would actually work.

Many posts suggested that keeping your car tuned up would help your gas mileage. Since my car needed a tune-up, I decided to see what the difference in my miles per gallon actually was.

Before the tune-up I was getting about 25.5 MPG. After the tune-up I managed 34.5 MPG, 9 more miles per gallon. That is 90 extra miles per 10 gallon fill-up. With a gas price of $3 a gallon it would have cost me $10.59 more to drive those 90 extra miles before the tune-up. The cost of the tune-up was $60 so I will more than make up for its cost in 6 fill-ups. Of course your vehicle might not need a tune-up as badly as mine needed one so your savings will vary. It is clear though that getting a tune-up when your vehicle needs one is maintenance that pays for itself.

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  1. Anonymous

    And how long does this improvement last? If this keeps fuel efficiency up for 6 months or between tune-ups, then its great. But if after the first month the efficiency drops….

  2. Anonymous

    This tune-up was simply replacing the spark plugs. The price also included a state inspection so the cost of the “tune-up” was actually less than $60. Different shops include different services in their tune-ups and you need to compare prices with that in mind.

    I know I could have saved even more money by changing the spark plugs myself but that is something I will have to learn in the future.

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