One Year Ago This Week (June 18th – June 24th)

Here’s a quick look back at my favorite posts from this week last year…

• Driver’s Edge: Driving for Dollars – A quick look at a new way to take advantage of the Citi Driver’s Edge reward MasterCard. To be honest, I have this card, and I still haven’t enrolled in the mileage program.

• The World’s Most Costly Cities – A look at the most expensive cities in the world.

• America’s Cleanest (and Dirtiest) Cities – A look at the best and worst of American cities when it comes to cleanliness

2 Responses to “One Year Ago This Week (June 18th – June 24th)”

  1. Nickel

    Jason, I use it as my secondary rewards card behind the Citi Divident Platinum Select card. But I got it back when it was paying 5% on gas, groceries and drug store purchases. As far as I know, that is still in force for me card — I didn’t actually know that they had reduced the reward rate.

  2. Anonymous

    So in the last year have you been pretty happy with the Citi Drivers Edge card? I’ve been considering getting one but haven’t decided if the hassel is worth it after the intro rate drops to 3% for gas purchases.

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