Money Madness: Sweet Sixteen (Help Needed!)

Well, the Round of 32 is in the books, and the Sweet Sixteen has now been posted over at FreeMoneyFinance. Full results will follow, but first… I just noticed that I’m getting killed by NCN, in part because he’s been begging for votes over on his site. Anyway, I just thought I’d throw this out there and ask for your help…

If you don’t mind helping me out, please go here and leave a comment voting for Ten Simple Ways to Cover Your Ass(ets).

And now for the results of last round… FiveCentNickel and Raising4Boys went a combined 3-3 last round, although Raising4Boys was forced to play against itself, notching a guaranteed win and loss in the same round.

Here’s a complete rundown of the results:

Ten Simple Ways to Cover Your Ass(ets)
7 Steps That Made Me Debt-Free

Tips for Having a Successful Budget
Don’t Let Your Kids Get Ahold of Your Checkbook

12 Mistakes to Avoid With Your Retirement Savings Plan
Solving Customer Service Problems

Teaching Kids the Value of a Dollar
Introducing the 401(kid)

Dave Ramsey is Bad at Math
Teaching Your Children How To Save

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  1. Anonymous

    I was disappointed to be eliminated from the tournament but being seeded against your Dave Ramsey post was a tough draw!

    I really thought my other post about being honest had a chance but was taken out by the latte factor.

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