Linking ING Direct and Emigrant Direct

After waiting about a week and a half to gain access to our new Emigrant Direct savings account, I’m pleased to report that establishing a link between ING Direct ($25 account opening bonus) and Emigrant Direct took just two days. And boy was it easy. Simply log into ING Direct, follow the link for Externally Linked Accounts, click Add Link, and then enter the necessary information. The name that you’re looking for is Emigrant Savings Bank, and the ABA routing number is 226070319. You’ll also need your account number. Once all is said and done, ING Direct will make a couple of test deposits in the linked account. Sadly, these deposits totalled just $0.09, but at least they didn’t take the money back like Emigrant does. Once the deposits come through, just log back in to ING Direct, follow the link to the Externally Linked Accounts section, and then verify your account by entering the deposit amounts. Remember, you can have up to three linked accounts. And while ING claims that these all have to be checking accounts, it seems that savings accounts such as those offered by Emigrant Direct work just fine.

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  1. Anonymous

    Dang, when I tried to transfer something from Emigrant to ING, Emigrant showed no change to my account and ING showed a deposit, but then reversed it the next day with the comment “Reversal Reason: Linked Account not for ACH.”

  2. Anonymous

    Wow, thanks for this info, which I haven’t cared about until recently. This will come in VERY handy for me now that Emigrant isn’t always paying more than ING.

    I also had trouble finding my routing number, but in the Account Details section, look near the top for where it says, “For information regarding Balance or Interest click here. To print a direct deposit slip click here.” The direct deposit slip shows the routing number.

  3. Anonymous

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  4. Anonymous

    has anyone had experience with closing an account at EmigrantDirect? I have been with them for 8 months and the interest is good, but their “customer service” people are a little gruff. How about their performance on transfers out?

  5. Anonymous

    What do you mean the Emigrant has a 60 day waiting period? Its say that you can have a withdraw in 5 days. I also have seen HSBC, I’m getting upset with Emigrant for it’s taking so long to open a account. I’m on my 3rd week were ING took 1 week.

  6. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, you cannot do this electronically anymore. I linked my ING to my HSBC account a few days ago, and then tried to link the ING account to my Emigrant account a day later, but was unable to do so as the option was not in the “My Links” section anymore. I called ING customer support and they told me that they found a glitch in the system and disabled electronic account linking. You can only use physical checks now.

  7. Anonymous

    Here is a little more info on HSBC Direct.
    According to, HSBC has a 5 star rating and a 1 on Safe & Sound rating vs. Emigrant’s 3 Star rating and 3 on Safe & Sound rating.

    Additionally, HSBC Direct only has a 7 day waiting period whereas Emigrant has a 60 day waiting period.

    Both banks are paying 4% APY on their savings. Both offer electronic funds transfer. HSBC is a global bank with branch offices in just about every major city (although HSBCDirect withdrawls not currently available).

    I’ve made a decision to not open an Emigrant direct account and open an HSBCDirect account. HSBC is a much safer and larger financial instituition with global reach. Emigrant is limited to New York and has quirky withdrawl provisions. I’ll post later on how smooth the process is opening an account.

  8. Anonymous

    It took me around 5 days to get my money from ING into Emigrant. And while the money disappeared from ING the very next day, it didnt appear in the Emigrant for another 4 days.
    So where was my cash for 4 days? I did try calling Emigrant, but they were of no much help.
    But the 4% interest was worth the experiment!

  9. Anonymous

    Does anyone have any experience with HSBC Direct? I saw an ad last night on TV, they are offering 4% on Savings (similar to Emigrant) but with no quirky 60 day withholding clause.

    See link below

    There are some quirky provisions though:
    The Bank has the right to ask you for seven days advance notice of withdrawal.

    You and the Bank agree to waive the right to trial before a jury in any action for any claims that may arise from or relate to your deposit account including, but not limited to, contract, negligence, use, attorneys-in-fact, restraint, and execution

  10. Anonymous

    Oh well. We can’t use my fiancé’s account since the names won’t match on the account, so she will have to look into what options she has for online access to make it easier to transfer money.

  11. So it sounds like the only way of linking to ING from Emigrant, instead of the other way around, is to set it up that way to begin with (the initial enrollment is all electronic). If you wait, you can’t make the link, as ING Orange Savings accounts don’t have checks.

  12. Anonymous

    You have to *mail them a check* from your other account, to act as an initial deposit. From their FAQ:

    Can I have more than one checking account linked to my American Dream Savings Account?

    At the present time, an individual may have 2 checking accounts linked to EmigrantDirect, including the checking account you used for your initial funding deposit. To add a second checking account you must mail in a check made out to EmigrantDirect for at least one dollar with your EmigrantDirect account number and the words “additional external account” on the Memo line. The name on the accounts must be the same. We can only accept your personal check as a second linked checking account. For your protection, EmigrantDirect places a temporary restriction on transfers to new linked accounts for up to 8 business days

  13. Anonymous

    I haven’t looked too deeply, but I have yet to find an obvious way of linking accounts through Emigrant Direct to an outside account. Do you know of how to do that?

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