ING Direct Will Soon Become Capital One 360

ING Direct Will Soon Become Capital One 360

Remember when the news first broke back in the summer of 2011 about Capital One buying ING Direct? Final approval of thus deal was granted in February 2012, but nothing more had been announced — until yesterday, that is.

Yesterday afternoon I received an e-mail saying that they’re changing their name to “Capital One 360, ” but promising that everything else will remain the same. More specifically, they’re claiming that they’ll continue offering no-fee, no-minimum checking and savings accounts with “great features and rates.”

They’re also promising to continue offering a simple, intuitive interface for online and mobile access and human-centric (my term) customer service with “real people” always available to help.

Further details won’t be available until December, and they’ll be making the switch in February.

Given the above, now would be a good time to review Richard’s article from last week about things to watch out for when your bank gets acquired.

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