Happiness is…

Happiness is having a video-capable cellphone in your pocket when your three and five year old sons discover a rack of auto-inflating Whoopie Cushions in the toy aisle at Walgreens. The beauty of these ‘next-generation’ Whoopie Cushions is that, as their name suggests, there’s no need to reinflate them between uses — just get up and they’re ready to go again almost immediately. Anyway, since I had a video phone in my pocket, I was able to capture the madness, complete with my boys bouncing up and down with their butts on the Whoopie Cushions in the middle of the aisle… All the while they were bragging about who was the loudest and giggling about how the ‘fart monster’ was coming to get them. Oh, to be young again.

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  1. Anonymous

    FYI — we went to Walgreen’s this weekend and saw the same item. My kids had a blast as I continually pushed it over and over again. My wife, on the other hand, was less amused. 😉

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