Citi Bonus Reward Categories for Winter ’12

Citi Bonus Reward Categories for Winter '11

As a followup to Monday’s post about the Chase Freedom bonus reward categories for Winter 2012, here’s some info about the newest bonus categories for the Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa card…

As you’re likely aware, the trend in credit card rewards is to have a base level of 1% rewards combined with bonus rewards in categories that rotate on a quarterly basis. Citi adopted this model for their Dividend Platinum Select card this past summer.

The categories just switched on January 1, so it’s time to re-enroll. Here’s the scoop:

Earn 5% cash back when you use your Citi Dividend Card on fitness club, health care, and utilities purchases from January 1, 2012 to March 31, 2012 upon enrollment, when you accept this offer.

To enroll in this offer, simply login to your Citi Dividend Platinum account and look for the small “earn 5% cash back” link on the left in the “Did You Know…” section and the click “Accept” on the next page.

If you can’t find the link, or would rather talk to a person, I’d imagine that you could call the number on the back of your card to opt-in.

Here’s the fine print:

Within 2 business days of when you accept this offer, or January 1, 2012, whichever is later, you will earn an additional 4% cash back on eligible fitness club, health care, and utilities between January 1, 2012, and March 31, 2012.

Health care, and fitness are defined as follows: Health care is defined as merchants that provide examination, diagnosis and treatment of health-related conditions and includes services by licensed physicians or dentists, facilities that aid in diagnosis or treatment, and devices or corrective equipment for such treatment. Fitness is defined as merchants that operate sports and recreation facilities requiring membership.

We do not determine whether merchants correctly identify and bill transactions as being made in health care, utilities, or fitness. However, we do reserve the right to determine which purchases qualify for the additional 4% cash back. Eligible purchases exclude items returned for credit and interest charges. In order to qualify for this offer, the account must be open and current at all times. If your account is closed for any reason, including if you convert to another product, you may no longer be eligible. You may accumulate a maximum of $300 in cash back during any calendar year.

I’ve actually had this card since 2004 and, while it’s not the first card that I reach for when I whip out my wallet, it’s a solid choice if you’re looking for a reward card.

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3 Responses to “Citi Bonus Reward Categories for Winter ’12”

  1. Anonymous

    Yeah, that increments of $50 rule is a pain. I thought I’d use this quarter’s bonus category to finally clean out the few dollars I have left on this card, but thanks to this rule, that won’t work.

    This is yet another reason why I prefer Capital One’s rewards program. There’s *no* minimum amount to redeem, and you can apply your reward as a credit on your account so you don’t have to deposit a paper check.

  2. Anonymous

    You can get around the requirement of using a Mastercard at Sam’s. How? Walmart accepts VISA and all other CCs. I go to Walmart and buy a Walmart gift card, which is accepted at both Sams and Walmart. I can load $100 on the gift card and use it at Sams.

    I have MC, but the rewards are not as good as those on my Visa. So I go the gift card route.

    Also, I emailed Chase and found that they regard Walmart Supercenter as a grocery store. So I will load my gift card at a Supercenter to get 5% cashback from my Chase Freedom Visa. Then I use the gc at Sam’s

  3. Anonymous

    I’ve had this card since 2006 but over the summer was switched by MC from the Dividend Platinum Select card to the Dividend World Mastercard.

    I remember when the % rewards were much greater in years past, (5% for gas and groceries I believe at all times) but I was fine with the new rotating categories. This seems to be the trend now anyway.

    So I received the new card and it was no big deal at first, but now I findout when i go to cash in my rewards, checks can only be sent in increments of $50. Previously, the requirement was only that it needed to exceed $50. So a rewards amount of $59.50 would net me a check of $59.50. Now, I only get $50 and $9.50 carriers over. It may seem trivial to some, but is a downer to me.

    I’ve kept it for the same reason; it’s my only Mastercard. I wonder what the next “change” will be that benefits me negatively.

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