Bank of America ATM Deposit Images Available Online

About a year and a half ago, I wrote about my first experiences with Bank of America’s new ATMs. At the time, I felt that the ability to scan cash and checks was great in theory, but not so great in practice. The main problem was that the process was S-L-O-W and didn’t really offer much for the customer in return for the inconvenience.

Sure, they print an image of the checks that you deposited on your receipt, but that’s only marginally useful. What happens if I don’t want a huge paper receipt containing all those images? Or if I misplace it? If they want me to do their job and process my deposits manually, then they should offer me something in return — like online access to those check images.

About a month ago, I brought this up on Twitter and was surprised to receive a reply from @BofA_Help. After going back and forth a few times about what seems to be an obvious (and useful) feature, he promised to pass along my feedback.

Well, guess what? This past week I discovered that you can now access your check images online. I’m not sure if this was already in the works or if they actually implemented this in response to my feedback — more than likely, they were already working on it — but I’m happy either way. In fact, this new feature has already saved me a good bit of trouble…

Over the weekend, I was able to login and check the issue date on a business-related check that I received right around New Year’s. The company in question didn’t issue me a 1099-MISC, so I needed to verify the date so I’d know whether to claim it in 2008 or 2009.

I am now officially a fan of the new ATMs. Next, I’m hoping that they figure out how to let us scan in checks ourselves and deposit them from afar, a la USAA’s [email protected] feature.

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  1. Anonymous

    Are you being charged a bank fee? Are you a responsible American citizen? Get reimbursed for your excessive bank fees. You can send the bill to congressman Barney Frank. Consumer protection? Ya, right. More like protection for the irresponsible.

  2. Anonymous

    My check got stuck in one of these new ATMs today. Just like the last two people who commented that it happened to them as well, the teller inside the branch said that they have no control over the outside ATMs and that I had to call customer service.

    Once I spoke with them they said I have to wait 10 days for the check to post. This is completely unacceptable! In this economy, no bank has any right to tell their customers that they can not have their money for 10 days because THEIR machine is a pos. You honor a provisional deposit and then after 10 days either leave it or withdraw it if the claim was false. This is the last straw with this bank for me. I plan to close my account with them as soon as this money posts, whenever that may be.

    The customer service involved with this situation was entirely unprofessional from start to finish. Sending a customer away to call a 800 number while their paycheck sits there in the machine just sickens me. And then forcing me to wait 10 days for money I should have now is just too far. Thanks BoA, you’ve really shown me how much you value my business.

  3. Anonymous

    i had a similar problem with my check, it got stuck in the atm. i am a college student the check was for 100 bucks…they say now it will take 10 bus. days for them to research it…it sucks now i have no money and they cant do anything about it. the branch couldnt even open the atm because they dont have control over it

  4. Anonymous

    Bank of America ATM screen at my neighborhood food store changed to show the ATM was not working in the middle of my deposit of multiple checks. No return of my plastic banking card or of the checks the ATM had taken from me.

    I sent a text description of this performance to BofA by secure message in online banking 2 days later. BofA replied that BofA had no record of my transaction. An irresponsible outrage! What if I had deposited currency or requested a currency withdrawal when the ATM crashed? I do not now know if I can get the makers of those checks to give me duplicates. One should never trust a Bank of America to protect one’s interests in the simplest transaction. I recall reading multiple news stories about customers receiving credit for less cash than the amount they had deposited into a Bank of America ATM.

  5. Anonymous

    Went yesterday to deposit two checks in a BofA ATM (in Manhattan). One made it successfully; the other ended up showing an error message, about the check not being able to scan. Instead of returning the check, the ATM kept it, without even giving back a printed receipt of the problem. I called Customer Support, that said it could take 5-21 business days (!!!) until the check is processed.
    This is a ridiculous, unacceptable situation. I would have no problem trying the new ATM technology (I get paid for being a technologist myself…), if failures are handled well. For example, if the ATM cannot scan, it could just give me the check back, and I’ll revert to manual deposit at any branch.
    However, the above risk is not worth the time saved when it does work.
    I will however ask if it is different with ATMs attached to a branch from such that are not – mine was not.
    If the check can be retrieved (or returned) upon failure, I wouldn’t mind trying it again. Otherwise – no chance – a 0-star service.

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks for blogging about this. I love the check-scanning ATMs (esp. now the ones that handle up to 10 checks at a time), but was sad that you couldn’t go look at images online like you can with checks you write. I never realized they added that feature!

  7. Anonymous

    Ahhh….gotcha. I stand corrected!

    I just checked (no pun intended), and see the image of the last check I deposited at BofA, on Dec 28. So I guess this this ability is retroactive to older checks. Coolness!

  8. Nickel

    Shorty: I’ve been able to see scans of checks that I write, but I haven’t been able to access the scans of checks that I deposit at ATMs. Over on Twitter, BofA_Help confirmed that this is a new feature as of last week. Not sure if there were regional differences in availability or not.

  9. Anonymous

    I’ve had this for quite some time (over a year?) at BofA online. Maybe this is being implemented state-by-state? I’m in Virginia, and I know that BofA is somewhat regional.

    Yes, their ATMs are way cool, with the check scanning thingy. Nice not to have to use envelopes.

  10. Anonymous

    Chase has started doing this, too. It’s great that as soon as one bank can afford to do it, none of the big banks can afford not to.

  11. Anonymous

    I have become a huge fan of B of A new ATMs ! Thanks to the great technology. I can actually deposit my check ( no envelope needed), it scans the check in seconds and I can see the image right then and there and enter the depost amount. The money is in your account in seconds! How cool is that.

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