Bank Account Poll Results

This week’s Money Poll focused on the number of open bank accounts that you have, and the results are pretty interesting… There were 180 responses, and nearly 2/3 of the respondents have between two and four bank accounts. A few ‘simpletons’ have just one (5%), and a smattering of banking extremists have more than ten (8%). To see the full results and/or to register your vote, please visit the original post.

2 Responses to “Bank Account Poll Results”

  1. Anonymous

    It is a bit overwhelming at times to think just how many bank accounts we have!

    When I read your post I thought “I only have one bank account”. Then realized I have 2 personal accounts, one checking and one savings and then 2 more checking accounts for each of the companies I own. Then there’s the credit cards for each company and the personal card.

    Yikes, it is a bit much to manage!

    And I was trying to keep my mind off tax season.

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