Income inequality: Whose side are you on?

Sometimes you just get a feeling something is wrong. You can’t put your finger on it, but you know, you just know, something is not right. Maybe you see something and wonder if you’re seeing it right. Then someone else mentions the same thing, confirming what you suspected. Then you read about in a news […]

How will the government shutdown impact you?

Even the most passionate avoiders of news have heard: the government of the mightiest country in the world has shut down. Even the Taliban is having a field day over something that must seem really strange to them, being hardly the most devoted civil servants in the known world. And indeed it is a strange sight, even […]

What the America’s Cup victory can teach you about your financial future

If you didn’t hear the news,  the America’s Cup was run in San Francisco recently. What it isn’t The way the sailboaters and media make it sound, the America’s Cup pits one nation’s best against the best of another nation to determine who’s the champion of the world. That, as it turns out, is not […]

What’s your number?

This post is by staff writer William Cowie. Are you curious to know how Warren Buffett succeeded so spectacularly at his investing? I am, so I’m working my way through his (thick) authorized biography. If there’s anything that matches his investing prowess, it’s his readiness to share his secrets with all who are interested. By […]

What clay pigeon shooting can teach you about finances

First time for everything, isn’t there? This past Labor Day weekend clay pigeon shooting showed up on my “first time” radar, courtesy of a great friend who figured that killing bright orange pieces of clay couldn’t be beat for a long weekend of fun. There are two ways to do this: you simply go to […]

Is a timeshare a good investment?

This article is by staff writer William Cowie. Summer is winding down and so you’re sitting on the patio catching up with your friends. Mark and Sally just came back from their timeshare vacation on Maui, and they’re breathless as they recount all the fun things they did. That night, you and your significant other […]

4 steps to prepare for the next recession

This post is from staff writer William Cowie. What? Is the last recession even over yet? Isn’t it a little early to begin talking about the next one? Yes, and no. According to all official sources, the Great Recession bottomed out in 2009. That means the recession has officially been over for four years now. This […]

Why Detroit’s bankruptcy affects you

This post is from staff writer William Cowie. If you had to pick a single city in the U.S. epitomizing America’s might as an industrial power, Detroit would be hard to beat. That’s right, the Detroit that just declared the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history. If your first reaction was to shrug and say something […]

The gold price fight of 2013

This post is from staff writer William Cowie. I love a good fight — don’t you? The latest fight I’m enjoying from the sidelines is the gold fight of 2013. Gold, it seems, has the power to elicit more raw emotion than any other investment. On one hand, it’s been around thousands of years — […]

The stock market drop and you

This post is from staff writer William Cowie. I don’t know about you, but talk around the dinner table touched on last week’s drop in the stock market more than once this past weekend. The stock market makes headlines for only one of two reasons: it reached a new high, or it fell. But no […]