Lending Club to Issue Revised Tax Documents

Speaking of Lending Club and tax documents… Earlier this week I received an e-mail from them stating that they will be issuing corrected 1099-OID, 1099-INT, and 1099-B forms for 2012. They didn’t say what was wrong, but they cautioned recipients to wait for the new forms before filing. I’m also not sure if this e-mail […]

Putting Lending Club on Auto-Pilot

In response to my latest update on our Lending Club portfolio, I was asked why we’re winding down our holdings. My response was that it’s too much of a time sink. A reader named Simon then said: “I imagine Lending Club will have a feature someday to auto-invest for you. At that point, lending with […]

Don’t Forget These Documents When Preparing Your Taxes

Over the weekend, I spent some time pulling together all of our tax-related documents. While we no longer do our own taxes, I still have to spend a bit of time organizing things before dropping them off with our tax guy. For the most part, this is a straightforward process. Gather all W-2 and 1099 […]

Lending Club Update – February 2013

It’s been six months since I last updated the performance of my (dwindling) Lending Club portfolio. As a reminder, we’re in the process of winding down our holdings there. We’re down to less than $700, from roughly $10k at the peak. It’s been awhile since I’ve updated our Lending Club performance so I thought I’d […]

2013 Roth IRA Contributions Complete

Long-time readers will know that I’m a big fan of funding our Roth IRAs through the proverbial backdoor. What I mean by this is circumventing the Roth IRA contribution limits by contributing to a traditional IRA and converting it to a Roth shortly thereafter. For 2013, the ability to contribute to a Roth IRA phases […]

Bye Bye, Saturday Mail Delivery

I’ve written in the past about the financial difficulties that the US Postal Service has been dealing with. They’ve been raising stamp prices annually, they’ve closed a bunch of locations, and have been looking for more ways to save. Despite these changes, they’re still bleeding money. They lost $8.5B in 2010, $5.5B in 2011 (that […]

Anatomy of a Stock Market Cycle

Believe it or not, stocks have been enjoying a bullish run for nearly four years. In fact, the Dow topped 14, 000 for the first time since 2007 and is near it’s all-time intraday high 14, 198 which happened during October 2007. Of course, as I write this the markets are in retreat, and there […]

Rules for New Homebuyers

While cleaning out some old bookmarks, I ran across a link to one of Ron Lieber’s articles on home buying from back in 2009. In it, he discusses seven rules for first-time homebuyers. And even though the article is a few years old, it’s still relevant. Start with the basics For starters, put 20% down […]

Amex Blue Cash Everyday and Preferred Card Signup Bonuses

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your interest, any offer(s) below expired and are no longer available. This is just a quick note to let you know that the Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express and Blue Cash Preferred Card® from American Express are currently offering signup bonuses. For the Blue Cash Everyday card from […]

School Policies and the High Cost of Healthcare

This is a bit of a rant, so please bear with me… 🙂 As you’re likely aware, we have four school-aged kids. As such, it’s not uncommon to have one virus or another making its way through our house. And sometimes this results in having sick kids who need to stay home from school. In […]