Safeguarding Your Online Banking Experience

While paying my bills recently online through my bank, I had a sudden flash of concern. How safe was my transaction? Was I at risk of identity theft or, even worse, the pilfering of my accounts? Although experts say online banking is safer than the traditional method of using paper statements, it turns out that […]

Back-to-School Shopping on a Budget

To many, the holidays are a time of big spending and blown budgets. But to millions of households with children, mine included, back to school shopping can also wreak havoc on our finances. Between the trendy clothes, new shoes, and endless amount of school supplies, it is not difficult to put a noticeably big dent […]

Syncing Your Savings

In this economy, it seems harder than ever to make your money work for you. Is a money market account the way to go, or is a long-term CD worthwhile? Should I open a basic savings account instead of an IRA? We work hard for our money. It shouldn’t be a lot of work to […]

Big Banks vs. Small Banks: Which is Right for Me?

With all the publicity in recent years on the exorbitant fees big banks are charging, along with the dissolution of more and more community and neighborhood banks, I have been re-evaluating where to do my banking. It is not easy switching banks to begin with, especially for those of us with more than one account, […]

Five Home Insurance Red Flags and How to Avoid Them

During a recent wind storm, a friend was awakened during the night by a loud banging sound. Moments later, her neighbor called, saying that he had big pieces of her home’s siding on his front lawn. My friend’s first thought was, “How will this claim affect my home insurance rate?” After hearing all the horror […]

Store Credit Cards: Good or Bad Idea?

Heading to the checkout counter after a fruitful shopping spree, I was taken aback by the steep total shown on the register. Noting my dismay, the cashier asked me, “Would you like to save 10 percent today by opening a credit card with us?” I’ve played this game before, going for the discount, getting the […]

When is a Reverse Mortgage a Good Idea?

For senior homeowners needing some extra cash, it’s sometimes better to look backwards instead of forwards – with their mortgage, that is. Reverse mortgages are not easily understood, and many who could benefit from them shy away, afraid of making a mistake. Journalists who have only a cursory understanding of the product may contribute to […]