How Automation Has Helped Me Reduce Debt and Save

Readers often e-mail me for tips on how to keep their finances manageable. There are so many options out there that it can be overwhelming. I was speaking with my mom about this some time ago, and she felt the same way. My mom has been responsible with her money over the years, but she […]

How to Save Money on Healthcare

With Obamacare on the chopping block and the Republicans’ new healthcare plan under debate, many Americans are unsure of what their health insurance may look like in 2018. Regardless of what happens to the exchange or the individual mandate, though, there are some pretty basic tips for keeping your health insurance costs low. What steps can […]

Adjusting Our Life Insurance Coverage

About a year and a half ago, I wrote about how we decided on our life insurance needs. Recently, Neal mentioned that he has re-evaluated his own life insurance needs, and now we’re thinking about modifying our coverage as our circumstances have changed. The fact that we’re expecting a baby this summer has encouraged us […]

Living in a Small Space Can Pay Big Dividends

When we got married, our first apartment was a very tight fit. It was a small, one-bedroom apartment with an awkward layout. Our living room had to be creatively arranged to accommodate a small couch, a television, and a chair for any guests that might drop by. There were also no locks on any of […]

Can You Eat Healthier and Save Money at the Same Time?

We recently signed up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) produce delivery program. We paid our annual membership fee and the deliveries are set to run from next month through the end of October. I’ve heard from others that CSAs can be expensive to join, but that there can be valuable health benefits. Today, I […]

Putting Your Spare Change to Good Use

My husband and I each have our own jars that we deposit our loose change into. I keep my loose change in my car until the little coin compartment can’t fit anymore and then dump most of it into my jar at home. My husband is more systematic, and empties his pockets each day to […]

Adjusting to an Increase in Income

We recently received some good news from my husband’s employer. Starting this month, he’ll be getting a raise of a few hundred dollars per month. Of course, whenever we experience a change in income or expenses, we sit down and create plan for the change. We have clear financial goals that we both want to […]

Save for Retirement Before You Save for College

Many parents would do just about anything to give their kids the best opportunities in life. In some cases, they’ll even go so far as working extra hours to make sure their children have access to activities, tutors, etc. that can put them ahead. Given this, one area that worries many parents is the high […]

Alternatives to Lending Money to Family or Friends

Lending money to family or friends can be an awkward decision. On the one hand, you want to help out a loved one in need, but will you ever get your money back? If you want to help, but think that helping them out with a loan will only make things worse, then here are […]

Saving Money When Buying a Washer and Dryer

My husband and I bought a washer and dryer a little over a week ago. We knew that we’d eventually have to make the purchase, as we’ve been making do with a set that we bought awhile ago on Craigslist for $150. This time around, we followed our own advice on making big purchases and […]