Putting the brakes on aggressive driving’s exorbitant cost

According to a new survey from Insure.com, the most expensive 2014 car to insure in the United States is the $110, 000 Nissan GT-R Track Edition, which requires a few bucks less than $3, 200 in premiums to cover for 12 months. The super car is better known in some quarters as “Godzilla, ” for […]

News flash: You are now allowed to spend retirement savings

Aside from the need to work, toil and slave to salt away one or two million bucks or more, there’s one thing that has long ticked me off about the whole topic of retirement planning — the single-minded focus on accumulation. Entire libraries could be filled with the books, newspaper pieces, magazine articles, DVDs and […]

To love, cherish and argue about money

In the 1960s-era suburban landscape where I spent my formative years, the atmosphere was much less structured than it is today. If we kids wanted to see our friends, it was routine for us to run to their homes, open the back screen doors and stroll right in. But if their parents were fighting, as […]

Longevity logic and retirement rationales

The professional association to which I belong meets the second Tuesday of the month. Afterward, many of the members in attendance hit a nearby Italian bistro for a buy-your-own dinner. Last week, I exited for home alongside another long-time association member, George, who had a train to catch. I asked if he’d commuted downtown just for […]

Failing to plan is planning to fail

It’s that time again, time for the inevitable turn-of-the-year vows to eat smarter, exercise more and be nicer to friends and family. One in a hundred may actually keep those commitments and become healthier, better people in the process. Others may focus on becoming financially healthier, promising themselves they will look harder for the best […]

Your assignment: work longer and/or save more

Back in 2010, near the Great Recession’s nadir, the National Retirement Risk Index (NRRI) released a finding many regarded as troubling in the extreme. That discovery was that even if Americans worked until age 65 and annuitized all their assets, including the proceeds from reverse mortgages on the homes in which they lived, fully 53 […]

Stuffing Coal Into Scammers’ Stockings

Was Charles Dickens particularly ingenious when he came up with the legendary character Ebenezer Scrooge? Was Dr. Seuss at his creative best when he unveiled the Grinch? Did director Frank Capra and the others involved in assembling the classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life” experience a lightning bolt of inspiration when they dreamed up old […]

Anybody up for a 100-thou Dow?

I was listening to my favorite personal finance radio show one recent Sunday morning, when the program host uttered a prediction that virtually knocked me out of my chair. The affable star of the show, who helms one of the nation’s best-known and most successful financial advisories, clued listeners in on his conviction the Dow […]

The two-word secret to personal finance success

It wasn’t long ago I suggested in this space there was a one-word reason for the colossal indebtedness of Americans. That word, I ventured, was “supersize.” By supersizing everything from combo meals to homes and cars, folks nationwide were ensuring they’d suffer supersized debt burdens and super-slender savings, I wrote. What I didn’t reveal at that […]

Frugal and fetching

One of the legendary figures of my high school years was a teacher named Mr. Canova. A burly, balding, faintly simian-looking dude, he was someone you didn’t want to tangle with in a dark alley, or in the brightly-lit classroom where he presided over a senior-year course called Problems of Democracy. A big reason he […]