Time is Money: Get Started Now

Over the past two years, I’ve forged a friendship with a decades-younger member of the opposite gender. It’s clear from our talks that she views me as a mentor. And I’m proud to say she’s my mentee, because someone who’d avidly seek a friend decades older is one with a refreshingly different approach to life. […]

Rage Against the Marketing Machine

One of the brilliant innovations of the last couple decades, I think, is the drive-thru pharmacy. Ponder the concept a minute and you’ll likely agree. With the advent of TV prescription drug advertising, most Americans dutifully began turning their homes into mini apothecaries. But about the same time, studies started showing many ills requiring medications […]

Keeping Up With the Buffetts

One thing that amazes me is the conviction of so many people that things will be about the same economically – or maybe better – in the future as they are today. I’ve got bad news for them. They’re dreaming. For many or most Americans, things aren’t likely to be as good or as easy […]

Protecting the Older Generation Against Financial Fraud

There’s a special and fiery place in hell for people who would try to rip off the life savings of retirees and senior citizens. And yet we know they exist, based on countless reports of frauds perpetrated against older Americans. These snakes (and that’s unfair to the real reptiles) presumably wake up each morning, and […]

The Goof’s Guide to Money Management

It was a typical evening in the mid 1980s, and I was working late at my job as an advertising copywriter in Chicago. Down the hall, a colleague named Mary, not many years out of college, was also toiling away in overtime. I could hear her in her office, humming, shuffling papers and twirling the […]