An $18.4 million credit report mistake

This post, written by Alexa Pugh, comes from our partner site LearnVest. Having errors on your credit report can spell financial doom—but for Julie Miller, it was a windfall. After hounding credit bureau Equifax with 13 letters over the course of two years urging them to amend errors on her report, she finally sued and won $18.4 million in […]

Family loans: The new way to pay for tuition?

This article, written by Alexa Pugh, comes to us from our partners at LearnVest. Instead of asking your family for another sweater for your birthday, how about a low-interest student loan? Family loan pools—trust funds from which relatives going to school can draw low-interest loans—have become an increasingly popular way for people to help their […]

Happily ever after: The rise of virtual retirement villages

This article, written by Leah Ingram, comes to us from our partners at LearnVest. When Mary Flournoy, now 67, retired from her job as a librarian in 2011, she was hardly ready to move to a retirement home and spend the rest of her days in a rocking chair. Living in East Falls, a neighborhood in western […]

Time your spending and save big

This post, written by Lisa Schlosberg, comes from our partners at Controlling your financial situation requires paying attention to where you spend and what you’re buying. But to be really successful, you should start to consider when you shop as well. Implementing small changes like buying according to the best time of day, week or year, […]

Epiphanies: Catalysts of change

This is a guest post from Terry R. Vergon who wrote “A Journey of Epiphanies:  Learning Leadership, ” which looks at the specific epiphanies that enable people to become great leaders and affect change. Five Cent Nickel offers great suggestions and behaviors to help us become more financially successful, but what drives us to adopt these […]

How Dave Ramsey helped me pay off $250, 000 in debt

The guest post comes from Rob Berger. He is the founder of the popular personal finance blog the Dough Roller. I remember the moment I pledged to become debt free as if it were yesterday. It was nearly seven years ago. I was 40 and my wife and I had about $250, 000 in non-mortgage […]

Let Freedom Ring: A Fourth of July Infographic from Quicken Loans

Let Freedom Ring: A Fourth of July Infographic from Quicken Loans An infographic from the team at Quicken Loans.

6 big résumé flaws — and how to hide them

This article, written by Stephanie Taylor Christensen, comes to us from our partners at LearnVest. When job hunting, your résumé has a way of highlighting little career imperfections in black and white. Maybe you’ve job-hopped, had a long gap between gigs, or earned a degree that requires explaining (hello, art history majors!). Is there a […]

How much do funerals cost?

This post, written by Amy Shouse, comes from our partners at LearnVest. In the days following the loss of a loved one, funeral planning can add an extra burden to already fragile grievers. Not to mention the stress that comes from having to make a myriad of important decisions within a short period of time. And […]

What to look for when buying an energy-efficient home

This post by Krissy Schwab comes from our partner site at A study released in February of 2013 by the National Association of Home Builders says one of the most important qualities new home buyers want is an energy-efficient home. They add, “Nine out of ten buyers would rather buy a home with energy-efficient features and […]