Follow These Tips to Save Money When Renting a Car

This post comes from Anthony Fontana at our partner site Zing! It may not feel like it outside yet, but summer is just around the corner. That means it’s time to start planning vacations. Whether you’re flying somewhere or taking a long road trip, one thing’s for certain: You’re going to need a car at some […]

5 Creative Backyard Summer Activities for Kids

This post comes from Rachel Beger at our partner site Zing! School’s just about out for the summer, and that can only mean one thing: “Mom, I’m bored!” Ideas run out fast, especially when you’re not looking to leave the house every day, and you have a budget to abide by. These five backyard activities will […]

Tips for First-Time Campers

This post comes from Lilly Keyes at our partner site Zing! Since June is National Camping Month, I’m sure you’re desperate to get out there and start roasting marshmallows. If you’ve never been camping before, there are some things you should think about before you start rubbing sticks together. I mean, have you ever seen anyone […]

Must-Have Websites and Apps for Parents

This post comes from Dawn Jamison at our partner site Zing! One of the most exciting things about being a new parent is learning about all of the wonderful toys and technologies that exist for kids! The apps and websites my friends have told me about have truly been lifesavers. I don’t know what I […]

A new career stepping stone? More apprenticeships coming to companies near you

This post comes from Jenny Paxton at our partner site LearnVest. Apprenticeships—formal programs that consist of on-the-job, paid training, mentorship and related classroom education—may be the solution to the pressing skills gap between employers’ needs and job seekers’ training. Yet despite the obvious benefits, the number of these programs dropped 40% between 2003 and 2013, according […]

Flex or Fiction: How Accommodating Is Your Job?

This post comes from Anna Williams at our partner site LearnVest. When it comes to work perks, flexibility is one of our favorite nice-to-haves—whether that means occasionally telecommuting from home, working variable hours or being part of a job share. In fact, a 2013 LearnVest study found that more than half of us would prefer a […]

Overwhelmed at Work and Home? You May Be Living on ‘Contaminated Time’

“There just aren’t enough hours in the day.” “I’m crazy busy.” “My to-do list is a mile long.” If you’re like most Americans, you likely say one (or all) of the above statements on a regular basis. A few years ago Brigid Schulte — a journalist for The Washington Post and a mother of two […]

The Post-College Outlook: A New Money Worry for 20-Somethings?

This post comes from Anna Williams at our partner site LearnVest. College seniors graduating this spring are more optimistic than ever … but should they be? According to Accenture’s 2014 College Graduate Employment Survey, a full 84% of the class of 2014 believes they will land a job in their chosen field. This group of seniors […]

Managing Your Finances During a Breakup

This post comes from Jen Smialek at our partner site We’ve all been there before: You’ve just broken up with your significant other, and you are heartbroken. Regardless of who did the breaking, it’s never easy to muddle through the next weeks/months of confusion and emotion. When heartbreak strikes, it can be an equally […]

The Picasso Effect: A Secret to Career Success?

This post comes from Anna Williams at our partner site The secret to climbing the career ladder just might be knitting, taking a ceramics class or refurbishing old cars. That’s right: According to new research from San Francisco State University, embracing your creative after-work hobbies—even if it’s just trying your hand at a new dessert recipe—could […]